The scientific project

Il The scientific project for the setting up of Palazzo Ciacchi was carried out by the Civic Museums of Pesaro. The intention was not that of “furnishing” the rooms of a prestigious building, but rather that of producing a real projection, in reduced scale, of the museums of Palazzo Toschi Mosca, with a clearly detectable exhibition criterion.

The selection of the objects, therefore, could not be exclusively conditioned by needs of decorative character. On the other hand even the articulation of a unitary route of the pieces wasn’t easy due to the logistic causes tied to the structure and functions of Palazzo Ciacchi, headquarters of Confindustria Pesaro Urbino. The convention provided, however, to the museums the precious opportunity of ‘opening’ to public enjoyment at least a small part of that very rich treasure guarded and organized in the deposits.

The paintings and ceramics ‘transferred’ to Palazzo Ciacchi were chosen on the basis of three requisites: they could not be exhibited or be part of a future rearrangement of Art Galleries and Museums of Ceramics; they had to be generally in need of restoration; they had to allow the construction of as many thematic sections as the spaces set aside by Confindustria, with a rigorous setting up from the conservation point of view, but at the same time pleasant and comprehensible for whoever’s visiting.

The organisation adapted results articulated by a series of themes that allow the presentation of paintings and ceramics in homogeneous sections as regards type and cultural environment; every section coincides with an area of the building. The strong element that associates both artistic types in almost all the cases, is the provenience from the collection of the Marquess Vittoria Toschi Mosca; once again emerges the “special” value – for entity, variety and quality of the pieces – that this collection covers within the Civic Museums’ heritage.

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