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Confindustria Pesaro Urbino is part of the Confindustria System, the principal organization representing enterprises of the production and services sector in Italy, that groups together, on a voluntary basis, approximately 130.000 enterprises of all dimensions for a total of 5.000.000 employees.

The basis value that inspires the action of the entrepreneurs organization is the conviction that free enterprise and the free practice of economic activity, in a market economy context, are factors of development and progress for the entire society.

Confindustria on the basis of its statute proposes to contribute, along with all the political institutions and the national and international economic, social and cultural organizations, to economic growth and the social progress of the nation.

Its mission state sas follows “We work with professionality and enthusiasm following the indications of the entrepreneurs, in order to best valorize the economic and competitive potentiality of the enterprises, participating in this way, to sustainable development in our territory”.

Towards this aim Confindustria represents the needs and the proposals of the Italian economic system towards the principal political and administrative institutions, including the Government, workers’ organizations and other social forces.

Confindustria Pesaro Urbino
Palazzo Ciacchi - via Cattaneo 34 - 61121 Pesaro
Tel +39 0721 3831      fax +39 0721 65022


The Municipal Galleries of Pesaro consists in the Art Gallery and the Museum of Ceramics. Open for visits on the first floor of Palazzo Toschi Mosca,  conserves an enormous patrimony in the deposits: paintings, decorative arts among which the ceramics have a very prominent role, an excellent trust of drawings and prints.

 The Art Gallery collects pieces coming from the suppression of religious congregations; among these, one of the Italian renaissance master pieces: the Altarpiece “Incoronazione della Vergine” of Giovanni Bellini. Always from local churches remarkable paintings from the Pesaro figurative culture have their origins. Other private collections, get to belong to the museums through, testamentary donations: the paintings of Marchesa Vittoria Mosca, the art gallery of the Counts Machirelli Giordani, the Bolognese collection of Hercolani through the legacy of Gioachino Rossini. The current patrimony is constituted by a small series of primitives and in great measure by renaissance pieces, seventeenth and eighteenth century pieces among which an interesting collection of still life.

The ceramics section exhibits 355 pieces (as many as 3.400 pieces are conserved in the deposits) in the rooms and takes shape in 1857, when the Municipality buys the collections of Domenico Mazza: referring to, among others, historiated majolica of the principal towns of the antique Dukedom of Urbino: Urbino, Casteldurante (today Urbania), Pesaro, Gubbio. Representative of the eighteenth century production at “the rose of Pesaro” and at “the Ticchio” is instead the Ugolini collection. Vincenzo Molaroni and most of all of Ferruccio Mengaroni’s pieces are characterized by the eclectic historicism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Finally, the productions of artists like Baratti, Valentini and Wildi who have interpreted the antique tradition in a masterly and original way, are representative of the mid XX century taste.

Municipal Galleries of Pesaro
Palazzo Toschi Mosca, Piazza Toschi Mosca 29 - 61121 Pesaro
tel 0721 387541- 474

Opening hours:

Free admission with advance booking.

Phone: +39.0721.3831
Fax: +39.0721.65022

Pesaro Urbino
Palazzo Ciacchi
Via Cattaneo, 34
61121 Pesaro
C.F. 80005890415