Giovanni Francesco Mingucci

Pesaro, active first half XVII century

Giovanni Francesco Mingucci was a naturalistic painter, scene painter and cartographer, about whose life little is known. He is recorded by the Bolognese historian Carlo Cesare Malvasia (1678) as one of Giovanni Lanfranco’s collaborators on the decoration of the dome in the Roman church of Sant’Andrea della Valle (1621). The chroniclers of the time also mention that he took part in the creation of the temporary decorations in Pesaro in 1621 in honour of Claudia de’ Medici, on the occasion of her marriage to Federico Ubaldo della Rovere, the son of Francesco Maria II, the last duke of the dynasty. For this spectacular event Mingucci painted scenes in perspective of Pesaro and Rome.

He also worked at the Papal Court in Rome for the Barberini Pope Urban VIII, for whom he illustrated in watercolour the codex Stati, domini, città, terre e castella dei serenissimi Duchi e Prencipi Della Rovere tratti al naturale (States, Domains, Cities, Lands and Castles of their Graces the Dukes and Princes Della Rovere, taken from life) (1626; Codice Barberiniano 4434). This is a valuable record of what the landscape was like in the Marche during the XVII century and the years immediately preceding the devolution of the Rovere Dukedom to the Papal State.

A comparison of the paintings in this exhibition with the illustrations in the codex evidences the artist’s particular propensity for sweeping bird’s eye views and his lively touch and preference for the almost sketchy rendering typical of the human figures populating his landscapes. Mingucci’s three views of Pesaro villas in this exhibition are particularly reminiscent of the illustrious Florentine lunettes with perspective views of Medici villas painted at the end of the XVII century by the Flemish artist Giusto Utens.

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