The paintings Views

Central Italian School, XVII - XVIII century

The view in its many forms, variants and sub-genres is certainly to be included among the subjects which met with greatest success and proliferation from the XVII century to the nineteenth, achieving a perfect synthesis of documentary realism and imaginary narrative during the XVIII century. The spread of realistic views in Italy coincided with the arrival in Rome in 1675 of the Dutchman Gaspard van Wittel, who faithfully...

The paintings Landscapes with human figures

Landscapes with human figures
XVII and XVIII centuries

Landscapes, together with other types of paintings such as still lifes, were beginning to be recognised as genres in their own right in the early years of the XVII century, though still considered ‘minor genres’ throughout the XVIII century. In some works painted by Annibale Carracci and Domenichino at the beginning of the century, landscapes gradually came into their own. They were no longer subordinate to narrative, religious or...

The paintings Portraits

School of the Marche, XVII-XVIII century

Of the portraits selected from the fine collection in the Municipal Galleries, some are of special interest: portraits of notable persons from Pesaro and the Marche who held important ecclesiastical and political positions. The Portrait of Cardinal Fabio degli Abbati Olivieri (Pesaro, 1658 – Rome, 1738) is by an anonymous artist. The missive he holds in his right hand confirms his identity, as does a comparison with...

The paintings Copies of artists from Emilia

Copies of artists from Emilia
Anonymous artists, XVII century

Of the numerous antique copies of famous paintings in the collection of Marchesa Vittoria Toschi Mosca, two canvases on exhibit are based on well known prototypes by painters from Emilia, of importance in the Marche during the XVII and XVIII centuries, not only because Emilia borders on the Marche region, but also for reasons of patronage. The proliferation of copies and replicas, often made for commercial reasons in the workshop...

The paintings Giannandrea Lazzarini

Giannandrea Lazzarini
Pesaro, 1710 – 1801

Abbot Giannandrea Lazzarini, painter, architect, art scholar, critic, poet and theologian, an exemplary incarnation of the eighteenth century erudite, was among the most brilliant animators of cultural life in Pesaro. He earned the unconditional admiration of such a historian as Luigi Lanzi (Storia Pittorica, [History of Art] 1809), not only as a painter, but as the most creditable of critics: “A good poet and writer of prose, extremely...

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