The headquarters: Palazzo Ciacchi

Palazzo Ciacchi

Situated in via Cattaneo (formerly via dei Molini), the building belonged to the noble Pesaro family Stramigioli Ciacchi from 1727 to 1948. It constitutes an unicum with the buildings in front that form the plaza or more appropriately the rotunda, also now known as “Esedra Ciacchi” while then “spiazzale dei molini”.

The main building belonged to the Passeri (who got to Pesaro somewhere about 1500) who readopted and expanded their own residence on preexisting structures almost certainly antiquely used as mills; the major part of these, as was for the warehouses, were property of the St. Antonio’s church.

The building went through a substantial remake and enlargement toward the 1727, followed by a final layout for the will of Count Andrea Ciacchi in 1767. In that occasion it was built ex novo, demolishing St. Antonio’s warehouse, the building that constitutes the actual “rotunda”. The final structure is recalled by the solid headstones that dominate the low curved arch over the passing, on which there is a Latin epigraph.

The building, two floor with a mezzanine attic, still today clearly demonstrates characteristics of a seventeenth-eighteenth century genteel dwelling as much in the interior as in the ample courtyard (ex “giardino italiano”). Noticeable on the plastered façade, with feeble luminous contrast effects, the elegant sand-yellow frames of the lintel windows, sustained by shelves. The entrance is formed by a sober arched portal.

Entirely restored, since 1981 Palazzo Ciacchi is property and Headquarters of Confindustria Pesaro Urbino.

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Free admission with advance booking.

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Pesaro Urbino
Palazzo Ciacchi
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