The exhibition itinerary

The 26 paintings and 21 ceramics coming from the Civic Museums of Pesaro are set up in an exhibition itinerary that involves various areas of the ground floor, first floor and basement of the building.

The paintings are articulated in six thematic sections. The architectural extravagancies and views, the landscapes with figures, the portraits and the copies from Emilia artists show the visitors a sample of some pictorial sorts and constitute even an example of what was particularly exhibited in the ‘600 – ‘700 private galleries. Two “monographic” sections document as many representatives of the local pictorial culture: Giannandrea Lazzarini, protagonist of the great intellectual fervour in the XVIII century Pesaro.

The itinerary dedicated to the ceramics is concentrated on the ‘800 majolica and testifies the “eclectic” historicism that connotes the second half of the XIX century. All the pieces are part of the Mosca collection; most of them in fact come from the towns that the noblewoman was tied to for sentimental and material reasons: Pesaro, Gubbio, Naples. The four sections are dedicated to the productions from the above named centres and to a group of majolica presumptuously of the “campano-calabrese” area.

Opening hours:

Free admission with advance booking.

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Pesaro Urbino
Palazzo Ciacchi
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