The exhibition itinerary accomplished in Palazzo Ciacchi with paintings and ceramics from the deposits of the Municipal Galleries, represents the final lap of the convention signed in 2006 between the Municipality of Pesaro and Confindustria Pesaro Urbino.

With this agreement, public and private share the commitment to safeguard and promote the civic patrimony, excellent expression of the cultural identity of the territory.

The agreement adopted for Palazzo Ciacchi proposes 48 pieces articulated in 10 thematic sections that involve different areas of the ground floor, first floor and basement of the building.

Opere a Palazzo Ciacchi

Following the renewal of the Agreement with Comune di Pesaro, a new exhibition itinerary will be shortly set up thanks to the contribution ofOpere a Palazzo Ciacchi

Opening hours:

Free admission with advance booking.

Phone: +39.0721.3831
Fax: +39.0721.65022

Pesaro Urbino
Palazzo Ciacchi
Via Cattaneo, 34
61121 Pesaro
C.F. 80005890415